Frequently Asked Questions

Will i get banned if i use the megapolis cheats tool? No, you will never get banned using our hack tool, we have implemented settings in the program to insure a safe and happy experience with our tools.
Savannah Smith

Can i use this hack tool on any device? Yes, Our megapolis cheats supports many devices which are apple, android, PC emulators and Facebook.
Maria Bergman

How many megabucks can i get for free using this hack tool? You have the option to get unlimited megabucks for free, as many as your megapolis account can hold.
Christopher Stevens

Can i hack my friends game using my hack tool i downloaded? No, in order for the megapolis hack tool to work you must download the hack on your device, your friends will have to download the hack themselfs for it to work.
Rebecca Elder

Why is your team giving this megapolis hack tool away for free? We specifically made this hack because of you guys, you requested it and were giving it to you for free, share us on social sites if you want to support the site.
Kathy Smith

Will there be new updates for the megapolis cheats tool v1.0? Yes, we update the hack tool on a monthly basis, so keep checking the site every day to see whats new!
Norah Lewter