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This is the all new revolutionary Megapolis cheats tool v1.0 made for those users who cannot afford the highly priced megabucks ingame items that most of the megapolis game users cannot afford or are not willing to chip out dollars on a game, well now you can enjoy the premium ingame items for free with our megapolis hack tool, this cheats for megapolis can easily find your account/ongoing game and change the megabucks amount to whatever you want it to be! weve had many users praised us for the simplicity and easiness of using our cheats for megapolis, i 100% guarantee you there isnt another megapolis hack tool on the internet that can perform and dominate the megapolis cheats category like our megapolis cheats tool v1.0 this program was in development for 5 months! and now has the chance of giving gamers what we always wanted, free gaming.

Lets face it the social quantum ltd developers of the megapolis game priced the megabucks at a unreasonable price and for some us we cannot afford to buy megabucks so we must find another means of getting free megabucks, just take a look at some of the reviews on megapolis many users complain about the expensiveness of megabucks and for some they cannot leave the game because its way too much fun and socially active game, building citys and being the mayor of it is a dream of many and the megapolis game made this posible for us to experience for ourselfs but expensive megabucks is taking away the fun! luckily we have the megapolis cheats tool v1.0 to make it fun again!

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megapolis cheats proof hack megapolis proof megapolis hack tool proof cheats for megapolis

The megabucks megapolis cheats option was one of the main features our supportive and loyal users asked for but we wanted to give them more out of the megapolis hack tool and decided to implement many other features that blew away our users heres a few on the list of features that the cheats for megapolis tool can do: coins hack, populations hack, unlimited electricity and water, the list goes on there isnt another megapolis hack tool on the internet that can support and maintain these amounts of features on a hack tool making us the #1 and best choice for any game hack related content making the process simple and easy for our users is the main goal.

With this megapolis cheats can easily and smoothly work on any device that supports the megapolis game, if you have a android, iphone or play on facebook this megapolis hack tool will connect to your game with ease no need to hassle yourself with complicated hack tools with our megapolis hack simply choose your device from the list and click connect, thats all to it once your connected its easy sailing from there, you also have the option to use this megapolis cheats directly from your phone, no need for a PC so download the megapolis cheats tool v1.0 and Enjoy!

Megapolis Cheating Tool V1  Feature:

  • Unlimited Megabucks Hack
  • Unlimited Coins Hack
  • Unlimited Electricity Hack
  • Unlimited Water Supply Hack
  • Unlimited Population Hack
  • Free New and Improved Solar Power Station
  • Multiply Working Script (Use This Hack Tool on all browsers)
  • Undetectable (100% Guaranteed)
  • Awesome and accessible user interface.
  • Ocasional Updates to maintain the functionallity of the hack tool.


The hack tool allows you to select a wide variety of options, even more options than the game provides you with!

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Our Megapolis Cheats User Testimonial


Stephane Hannon

OMG! This actually works! ive never used such a simple hack tool in my life it connected to my game easily with no problems now i have all the megabucks i need to make my city the best on the game!


RJ Kinnebrew
Ive recommended this to all my friends!! im so happy i can finally expand my city and build new buildings thank you so much guys for making this awesome cheat tool its never been this easy to hack a premium game until now.


Coddy Bonham
 “Its simply a masterpiece, straight to the point connect to your game and get free items that you wouldve have to pay for if you didnt have this megapolis cheats tool now im enjoying megapolis 100 times more than before, even my friends are super jealous :)”

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